Adonus and Greg exchanged vows in front of an officiant

If "Stories We Tell" was difficult for Polley, the film itself bears no trace anxiety or resentment. Indeed, it's a lyrically expressive, often exuberant evocation of 1970s life that often resembles a Canadian version of "The Brady Bunch," given a mordant zing from the present day interviews with Polley's funny, self aware brothers and sisters. The film is given its structure from a narration provided by her father, Michael, reading from his own memoir, which he can be seen taping in a recording studio, complaining sardonically at his daughter's stern direction..

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Then you will have to go through the whole process of opening putty and navigating to your code directory again.And what happens when you want to work somewhere that doesn have a wifi network? Do you really want to limit yourself to working only in places where you have internet connection? A virtual machine can do anything a caen machine can do and more (you don have sudo privileges on caen). The only benefit of working in caen is that you don have to copy your code to caen when you ready to submit (if I remember correctly you need to be on caen to submit 280 projects). However, if you write a bash script to scp, ssh, and submit for you, the amount of time this takes will be trivial..

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