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The request is related to the board's approval of a zoning amendment that allows open pit mining by CMI in the Silver City area.Following the public records request, Lyon County refused to provide communications made through private accounts and devices, stating those communications do not fall under the umbrella of the Nevada Public Records Act.The Third Judicial District Court in 2016 sided with the county, stating that theprivate communications were not paid for with public tax money, and communications not paid for with public money are not public records.Representing CRA and McCarthy glass iphone case, Reno based attorney John Marshall argued that any "official county business is public record. They used their phone not just for their private conversations, but their public work as well.""When you take a document out of public space and put it in a private space, does it lose its character as a public record? We say 'no'," Marshall said. "We would urge the court to reverse the district court just because they happen to be located on a personal device, that does not render them from the Public Records Act."He said any record created by a public official relating to a matter of public interest is a public record, and that "people are making a voluntary choice to exercise their public duties on a private phone."Lyon County District Attorney Steve Rye countered that Lyon County provided thousands of pages of documents in response to the records request, but that the remaining documents sought by CRA are "not in the custody or control of the county."Rye suggested the court look at addressing "what a reasonable standard of what a public record is" and that Legislature should determine this through revising the Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 239, which houses the Public Records Act.It could take up to a year for the court to render its decision.The 2014 public records request was made at the same time the CRA was filing the complaint regarding the board's vote to approve the zoning request by CMI that would allow open pit mining.The CRA opposes a January 2014 vote by commissioners who approved the zoning request 4 1.

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iphone x cases Shortly before her disappearance, McCormack was a student in her fourth and final year at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in The Bronx and was only a few months short of earning her degree.[17] She had intended to become a pediatrician.[18] McCormack was last seen by someone other than Durst the evening of January 31, 1982,[19][20] at a friend's dinner party in Newtown, Connecticut. Later on that night, McCormack unexpectedly arrived at the house of her best friend clear protective iphone XR case, who noticed she was upset and was wearing red sweatpants, which the friend found odd since McCormack had often dressed in much better quality clothing. She later left for South Salem, New York, after a call from her husband.[21][18] Although the couple argued and fought best leather iphone case,[16] Durst maintained that he put his wife on a train to New York City, had a drink with a neighbor, and spoke to his wife by telephone later that evening.[22] "That's what I told police," Durst later told documentary filmmakers. iphone x cases

iphone 7 plus case Their notation appears to be similar to Misuse cases, but there are differences reported by Chun Wei in Misuse Cases and Abuse Cases in Eliciting Security Requirements.[2]Use cases specify required behaviour of software and other products under development, and are essentially structured stories or scenarios detailing the normal behavior and usage of the software. Abuse cases extend the UML notation to model abuse in those systems. There is no new terminology or special symbols introduced for abuse case diagrams. iphone 7 plus case

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iphone 8 case People want the world to make sense. When a great person like you gets sick, it's not fair, it doesn't make any sense. You're a swell pal, why'd it happen to you? It can't be random, because that's too scary. As NIC put it (emphasis ours):The all occupancy rate for seniors housing, which includes properties still in lease up, was 88.8% in the second quarter, down 50 basis points from the first quarter. This placed occupancy 190 basis points above its cyclical low of 86.9% during the first quarter of 2010 and 140 basis points below its most recent high of 90.2% in the fourth quarter of 2014.The quarterly decrease in occupancy stemmed from an increase in inventory of nearly 6,600 units, which outpaced a change in net absorption of 3 tempered glass case iphone,000 units. As the chart shows protective marble phone case, the increase in inventory was the most in a single quarter since NIC began reporting the data in 2006.While exceptional management skills have kept rent coverage at decent levels, the occupancy levels are perhaps beginning to show this impact.3) Ventas is not priced for the value it will provide With a 4.5% yield and 2 3% growth, Ventas will still make shareholders money iphone 8 case.