Based on universal principles

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Wholesale Replica Bags Pub plan for Backstreet Bistro a step closer despite residents' fears over noise and zeal replica bags overcrowdingResidents are worried the venue could become overcrowded and would impact on the residential streets replica bags and watches nearbyThe bistro could become a new gastro pub in the area (Image: Keith Heppell)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee replica bags and shoes our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA favourite restaurant that has been replica bags on amazon closed replica bags karachi for months took a step closer to reopening as a pub, despite residents' concerns it could become a noisy "death trap".The Backstreet Bistro in Sturton Street could reopen as The Petersfield pub after a renovation by The City Pub Company, which owns The Mill, the Cambridge Brew House and the Old Bicycle Shop, as well as new venue the Punt Yard.Today (November 28), the venue took a step towards reopening when Cambridge City Council's licensing sub committee granted an application for the venue to change the terms of its license.Niall McCann, of the City Pub Company, said the group was looking to invest in renovating the building. Residents and councillors, however, spoke out against the development, saying it would be unsafe, and would also create too much noise and bring too many people into a densely populated, residential part of the city.Professor James Moore, who lives nearby, said: "In my opinion, the scale is all wrong. It is based upon a colossal miscalculation of the surrounding neighbourhood."Fears former Cambridge bistro could become 'the biggest pub restaurant in Petersfield'Prof Moore said there was a risk that if capacity in the building increased, there could be a "fatal stampede"."It is a potential death trap" added Prof Moore.Mr McCann reassured the committee the number of covers in the restaurant would not increase significantly. Wholesale Replica Bags

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