) He uses the platform to boost his book sales

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moncler sale outlet (Google conspicuously declined to send a representative to last week's hearings.) He uses the platform to boost his book sales."The last time I did a promotion on the livestream on YouTube, about 60 of you bought it," Valizadeh said in an August video. "That's my food income for the month, which was cool."YouTube has also directly helped Valizadeh profit off misogyny: During livestream broadcasts, viewers who donate money via YouTube's "Super Chat" feature will have their questions about women and sex answered by Valizadeh himself. He raised roughly $100 from viewers from one recent two hour livestream.Some of the fans Valizadeh attracts via Twitter and YouTube donate money to him via FreeStartr, a crowdfunding platform, to ensure he can continue writing moncler sale outlet.