Pregnant women, people with kidney stones, people suffering

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moncler outlet kids The US Department of Treasury designated the trio as 'global terrorists' for their links to terror outfits like Lashkar e Tayiba and The Taliban.As a result of Thursday's designation, all property and interests in property of the trio subject to US jurisdiction are blocked and the US citizens are prohibited from engaging in transactions with them."The Treasury continues to aggressively pursue and expose radicals who support terrorist organisations and run illicit financial networks across South Asia," said Sigal Mandelker, Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.He said they were targeting operatives who provide logistical support, improvised explosive devices and other technological assistance to Al Qaeda, LeT, the Taliban and other terrorist groups."This is part of this administration's broader efforts to disrupt terrorist fund raising, and we call on the Pakistani government and others in the region to work with us to deny sanctuary to these dangerous individuals and organisations," Mandelker said.Rahman Zeb Faqir Muhammad (Rahman Zeb) was designated for providing financial, material, or technological support for, or other services to or in support of LeT, a United Nations and the US designated terrorist organisation based in Pakistan.He was an LeT operative who for several years was responsible for collecting funds and running a network for LeT in the Gulf.In early 2016, Zeb coordinated fund transfers with a Pakistan based LeT facilitator. As of mid 2014, he was a longstanding contact of LeT members involved in Afghan operations, and was also involved in business activities with an LeT commander responsible for the group's operations in Afghanistan, the Treasury cheap moncler coats alleged.Additionally, in mid 2014, Zeb facilitated travel for Fazeel A Tul Shaykh Abu Mohammed Ameen moncler jacket sale Al Peshwari (aka Shaykh Aminullah) from Pakistan to the Gulf.The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) had in July 2009 designated Aminullah for providing material support to Al Qaeda, LeT and the Taliban.Hizb Ullah Astam Khan (Hizb Ullah) was designated for acting for or on behalf of Aminullah.As of 2016, Hizb Ullah facilitated support for Aminullah and served as a financial official of a Peshawar based madrassa that was co founded by the latter.As of early 2015, he provided assistance to Aminullah during latter's travel in the Gulf.Hizb Ullah also facilitated Aminullah's travel in 2013 to the Gulf.He previously worked for Aminullah as an improvised explosive device (IED) expert in moncler factory outlet Kunar province in Afghanistan, where he deployed IEDs targeting Afghan and coalition forces.During that time, Hizb Ullah was involved with shipments of IED precursor chemicals supplied from Pakistan to Afghanistan for the US designated terrorist groups, including the Taliban and Jama'at ul Dawa al Qu'ran (JDQ), The Treasury alleged.Dilawar Khan moncler outlet sale Nadir Khan (Dilawar) cheap moncler jackets also was designated for acting for or on behalf of moncler jackets outlet Aminullah.He acted as Aminullah's assistant responsible for handling his accommodations in Pakistan and relaying his messages.Dilawar has also facilitated funds transfers, including international transactions, on behalf of Aminullah.In 2014, he facilitated travel for Aminullah within Pakistan, as well as to the Gulf.In 2013, Dilawar was one of the leaders of the Ganj Madrassa, which the OFAC designated in August 2013 for being controlled by Aminullah and for providing financial and material support to LeT and the Taliban, alleged the Treasury. Republication or redistribution of PTI content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent.. moncler outlet kids

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