The lowest unemployment rates for migrants born outside the EU

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iphone 8 case In each of the EU Member States for which data are available in 2016 (partial information for Bulgaria, Germany, Romania and Slovakia), unemployment rates for migrants born outside the EU were consistently higher than those for the native born population. The lowest unemployment rates for migrants born outside the EU were recorded in the Czech Republic (4.6 the United Kingdom (6.3 and Malta (7.0 while the highest rates were registered in Finland (22.1 Spain (27.2 and Greece (31.5 The gap between unemployment rates for migrants born outside the EU and those for the native born population peaked at 14 15 pp in Sweden, Finland and Belgium, with double digit differences also recorded in Luxembourg and France. By contrast, there was a relatively small gap (1.0 pp or less) between these two rates in Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Croatia.. iphone 8 case

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